Friday, April 16, 2010


So I've been crazy busy this month. I've been job searching, doing homework, finding information for my presentation, track practice, cheer practice, and putting the actual presentation together. The sad part is, I've been driving myself insane with all of this stuff and I still have more to do. This is supposed to be the easy part of life. Whatever happened to nap time and everybody being best friends? I miss those days. I never got nap time at school, but life was easier. Just wanted to keep everybody updated. G2g learn the material for cheer, spanish 3, and co-ed dance w/ Martinez. Talk about exhaustion. :p

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Essay for English

In my English 2c (honors) class, we are working on writing persuasive essays. We had to get our topic pre approved by the teacher and are now to write the essay then put together a presentation for the class. We have to have the arguements for both sides and use the three different ways to persuade the class to agree with us. My friend is helping me come up with a title, but if you have any ideas I'll consider those too. Debating on if I should use the title "Abortion: pro-choice or pro-murder?" for the essay. I'm getting pictures off of the internet and putting them in a video to the song "How To Save A Life" by The Frey. Since the rough draft is due Monday, I think I'm going to work on it in here. Currently I have:

Abortion: pro-choice or pro-murder?

Abortion is a strong topic that is hard for most people to discuss without getting into an argument. There are lots of different ways to view such a sensitive subject and we should all be able to voice our opinions freely. Some people believe that women should have the right to get an abortion if it's what's best for them. They say that it's a womans right to have control of her body. They believe that in cases of rape or incest there is no ther option and abortion is a safe medical procedure. Who is it safe for though? The baby that is being aborted is being tortured. It is said that it feels like the baby is being burned alive by the chemicals. For the pro-life people, they believe that there are alternatives to abortion such as adoption. They say that our tax dollars should NOT be going towards medical procedures that most people in this country don't approve of. If it's illegal to kill another human being, why isn't abortion illegal? It's still murder, it's just an age difference.

Here are a few facts that you may want to think about. thirty-one percent of all teenage pregnancies end in abortion. Fifty-two percent of all abortions are performed on women under twenty-five. Obma is cutting $164 million from abstinance and safe sex programs. Maybe you should try seeing the situation from the babies point of view.

Two abortion survivors, Gianna Jessen and Ana Rosa Rodriguez, now speak out against abortion. Gianna Jessen's mother went in to have an abortion during the seventh month of her pregnancy. Early April seventh, she gave birth to a severly injured baby. She was put into foster family and diagnosed with a severe case of cerebral palsy. She has no hard feelings towards her mother and speaks to women who have had abortions and are considering having an abortion with compassion. She is pro-life, though. Gianna testified on abortion before the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, but only two of the thirteen members were willing to listen to her testimony. Ana Rosa rodriguez's mother was Rosa Rodriguez. She was twenty years old and getting an abortion from Abu Hayat. Half way through she changed her mind and told Abu Hayat that she wanted to keep the baby. He told her it was too late. The next day she gave birth to a healthy little girl named Ana Rosa Rodriguez. However, the attempted abortion did cost little Ana her right arm.

Is it really fair to end a life because that's what's easiest for you? Now ask yourself, would YOU ever want to KILL your baby because of a mistake that YOU made? Would you want your child to suffer from health problems such as that of Gianna and Ana because of an abortion gone "wrong"? Then when they ask why they're different from the other kids at school, how do you explain that you tried to kill them because you didn't want them? Abortion should be illegal. The tax dollars that are going to abortion research and paying for those who can't afford them, should be going towards the abstinance and safe sex programs that Obama is cutting the funding from. Why should a child pay for our mistakes? Don't let it happen. Join me on October 19, 2010 in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity.

That's the end of my essay. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment. About to start working on my presentation. Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Easter experience

I always love hearing the story of Easter. Passover, the resurection, the passion, etc. It's a beautiful story. Well, this year we celebrated a little bit early. All day today we've been celebrating by finding eggs and such. I really wanted to go to the 8 o'clock bi-lingual mass tonight. My friend Drew was baptized and I had a lot of friends there. It looked like it was going to be a really special mass. We later found out that it was about 4 hours long and couldn't stay. :/ It made me really sad and now having a really lame time fighting with my mommy. On the bright side, I did find out that we have a beautiful family bible that will be given to me when I'm baptized, confirmed, etc. a year from now. Monday morning I get three teeth pulled and currently feeling sick from all of the sweets that I've been missing since lent started. This is going to be a really long week. :( At least I get to talk with my new e-mail buddies (All Time Low) all week. :) I SOOOOOOOOOO want to go to one of their concerts soon. I'm excited. Only two classes left for ccd. Then I start again next year. Finally realizing that I need new friends. Not just for me, but for the people that mean a lot to me too. You know that something is going on when even your parents say that you need to make some changes. It sucks, but you know that it's true. They only have your best intrest at heart. It's best to listen to them. Oh well. Life goes on and we continue to live it. We may not enjoy what we go through, but it's always worth it in the end. Just keep moving on. You'll make it through.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


As you know, I keep a blog as often as possible. I haven't even really been on the computer at all this week besides this morning. It's all school computers that I have access to and they won't let me blog anymore. :/ Oh well. this week, we had an assignment in first period (keyboarding) and we were to type up a letter to our favorite band, team, group, etc. You say why you chose them, ask if you can get some kind of promotional item, mention that you're a fan, etc. Well, I chose the band All Time Low as the group that I would send a letter to, but I couldn't find an address for them. I sent them an e-mail to see if I could get it and turns out that they don't have a place to get fan mail (probably for a good reason lol), but there wasn't a name at the bottom of the e-mail, so it could have been anybody. My keyboarding teacher had me just send it to them as an attachment to an e-mail. This morning, I check my e-mail, and there's one new e-mail in the inbox. Guess who's name was at the bottom!!!!!!! The bottom line said "<3 alex!"!!!!!!!!!! I know that it still could have been anybody, but I'm too excited that it said that to care. Which brings us back to the super loud screams of excitement. That's like a sign that today is going to be amazing. :)

<3 Saved Individual