Thursday, September 30, 2010

La clase de Espanol 4/ linguaje nativo Ap

Si me gusta mi clase de espanol cuatro linguaje nativo ap. Yo soy un estudiante muy lista. I estoy... mal. No sabe escribir en espanol sin un diccionario. Mi maestro de la clase de espanol dice escribir un poco en espanol todos los noches. Quiero ir a Espana esta vierno. Necesito un trabajo pagar. No tengo dinero. Me gusta mis amigos. Ellos son muy simpatico. Ellos no saben espanol. :/ Necesito un tutor para la clase de espanol. No me gusta escribir sin un diccionario porque no sabe las palabras usar. Well, that's all I have for my spanish teacher. Basically, the above stuff says that I like my spanish class. It's Spanish 4/ native language AP. I'm very smart, I feel bad, I don't like to write in spanish without a dictionary because I don't know the right words to use. I want to go to Spain this summer. I like my friends, I need money for the trip. It also says that my friends are nice, but they don't speak spanish and I need a tutor. It's kind of random stuff. I'm not doing so well in spanish right now (it is ap and I know very little Spanish, which I proved above). I go to tutoring once a week right now, but it might be easier if I got a different tutor or went more often with somebody that was more accessable. Anyway, my spanish teacher wants me to do this once a week tutoring and write a little bit in spanish every night. It's supposed to increase my vocabulary and improve my sentance structres in Spanish. I don't see it, but maybe he's right. I feel pretty accomplished because I have a passing grade. He only speaks to the class in Spanish and I'm the only non-native speaker in that class. My goal is to get a "B" and pass the stupid Ap test at the end of the year. That shouldn't be too hard, right? It just means I need to work a little harder than the other students. Well, that's all I have for my readers tonight. I'll post more soon. Good night. <3 Saved Individual

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peace and Quiet

It's been a while and I apologize. I've been a little busy with things like school, job searching, football games, etc. It's been a lot of work, but totally worth it. When you live a life like mine things get crazy sometimes. It gives you a second of excitement and pressure. It's not fun for that one second, but then you look back and it was actually fun having that one second of feeling like screaming. Anyway, I've been doing a lot lately and it's really exciting. I've made a few new friends this year already and I can't wait to see what other friends I'm going to make this year and next year. I went to the first home football game of the year. It was RVHS vs. Sutter so there was a lot of rivalry. I actually went with a few RV friends and one from Sutter. It was fun to make jokes with them and sit on the RV side. :) We went to the before school rally that day and went crazy making jokes about everything. I registered for the ccd class a few weeks ago and I went to the first official class this morning. It was not the way I remembered it... Oh well. It was still great and I love going. I ran into a mom that I met through VBS and she was excited to see me. I gave her my number and she was really happy that I volunteered to babysit for her. :) The past few months I've been doing a lot of job searching and things are finally starting to turn around for me there. For once, it's actually quiet in my house. It's kind of awkward lol. I'm not used to it being so quiet. I really like that it's silent sometimes, but right now I'm too excited about life and youth group later tonight. I need the music blaring and the windows closed so I can just rock out by myself. It's so... freeing. Forms of self expression are the best way to relieve stress. I was looking at earlier posts in my blog and see how I used to write. I miss that, but  as I grow and change, my writing must also change. I have a lot of reflecting and homework to do. I'll post again soon. <3 Saved Individual

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rules of the Road

As most of us here know, I got my license a little under a month ago. Go ahead and make your jokes about the roads being unsafe now, but I'm actually a really good driver (for just getting my license anyways). Normally, I don't care how you drive as long as you can get me from point a to point be then back home safely. However, lately I've discovered that a lot of drivers aren't as good as you might think they are. Really it's people in general doing the right thing, but it's more about following the rules of the road for me today. For example, today I drove over to my ROP class for first period. The light was green, but the crosswalk sign changed at the same time so I couldn't go because pedestrians have the right of way. I figured I would just wait until the time ran out or I would turn right on a red because that's legal if traffic is clear. Well the light was still green and the time had run out, but three students decided to use the cross walk anyways. If you didn't catch that, these high school students are crossing illegally and I totally had the right of way (unfortunately, you can't enter a cross walk when there are pedestrians in it). Anyways, on my way back to school there was this truck heading to the same parking lot I was. I was doing exactly the speed limit and somehow, the guy managed to pass me. I don't mind that he passed me. He should have been doing the speed limit though (not ten over). On my way home from school there was a lot of traffic near the exit I use. Nothing new, but still frustrating at times. Some lady (probably a freshman's mom) was trying to switch lanes (she didn't signal or have room to fit into the spot. The kind lady blamed me and let me see her bird if you know what I mean. I decided to take the high road by changing lanes (I was going to anyways), smiling at her, and waving. I think I'm done complaining for the night. I'll post again when I find out if I get to go to Shady Creek. Good night. Comment if you have any other driving dos and don'ts. <3 Saved Individual