Friday, July 30, 2010


The past five days of my life have been spent volunteering at "Beach Be Attitude" for the St. Isidore's Catholic Church Vacation Bible School. Children ages 3-12 come 10 am to 1 pm and hear stories from the bible, sing songs, make crafts, have a snack, and play games. Every year is tons of fun and we learn a lot. However, this year we had kind of an off week. The Thursday before the actual Vacation Bible School, we all had a meeting to make sure that everything was in place for the week and that weekend was used to make decorations. Everything was perfect as far as we could tell. We had a lot of children signed up to come, the shirts were on their way, and everybody was ready to be there at 8 am on Monday. Well during the meeting my little sister (who was looking forward to helping out for her first time this year) found out that she was supposed to be registered as a student this year. She was disappointed, but she got over it and had a lot of fun listening to both views of the day (leader and student). Monday came and the shirts weren't ready yet. The staff was a little upset, but we quickly got over it with the children running around the gym. The groups weren't ready for the leaders (jobs of the advisers) so everybody in the same age group traveled together and the leaders had to watch all 28 preschool kids. It wasn't so bad, but two of the kids were crying and one refused to participate all week. Worst day of the week (we ended up having one of the meetings we only have when somebody breaks a rule). Tuesday came and I was assigned to the fifth grade group (with my sister and the group refused to say more than three words at a time). Not my first choice since a parent requested me for their child (that I know and love) in the preschool (which I signed up for). There was a crazy girl spreading rumors about everything and to everybody (drama queen freshman) but she was eventually caught in her lies. Wednesday came and we finally got our shirts. Things were fine that day, but it was still more like an actual job than the fun it had been in the previous years. Thursday somebody lost a child and a friend of mine got blamed for it. The child was not in his rotation and, technically, not his responsibility. He refuses to return to help us out next year, with understandable reasoning in my opinion. I promised him things would be better next year and explained how previous years had been better. Friday came and things were fine for the most part. Some of the group leaders were a little irresponsible and some of the students were snots to me, but that is expected. While cleaning up there was a small mishap with the bleachers. The bleachers had broken earlier in the week and were again acting up while being put away. I was sent to fix the bleachers (by going underneath and lifting the switch) when some people began to push them back into the wall (most horrific experience of my life). We finished cleaning up and put everything in the car to take back to the "storage facility" that we keep the stuff in (the supervisor's garage). This week was not our best year and we hope to do better next year. Personally, I would like to move up in rank ( preferably to advisor, but not likely) so I can voice my opinions and ideas (I can now, but with the rank comes responsibility and a sort of weight in your opinion). Everybody seems to have had a lot of fun and is looking forward to the staff party. It has been an experience that I will never forget and one that I have learned a lot from. It may sound like a list of complaints, but those are the highlights of my week. If you have any comments or questions let me know. I would be happy to respond to every single one. <3 Saved Individual

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Story of my life (in fairytale town maybe lol)

 Once upon a time in a crazy small town, there was a princess. She was pretty, popular, nice, smart, etc. She was everything you could ever want in a princess. She was a middle child with two younger brothers, an older sister, a puppy, and an older brother. All of the children were the same way, but with different interests. Well, most of them were anyways. It's like the story of the Ugly Duckling, but with people. The older sister was also a princess, but that's about where the similarities stopped. She was average. Yes, she was smart and nice just like the rest of them, but she was just normal. She went to school, she helped out around the castle, and hung out with the few friends she had when she had time. As you can imagine, the king and queen were very busy people. They were always busy taking care of royal business or caring for their children. The average sister didn't usually get all that much attention, so she started doing her own thing in life. She spent time caring for friends in need, looking for a carriage to drive, and getting ready for the day she would be asked to be queen for her mother. She already knew that she would say no, but she needed to find a way to give them the reason why. Her dream was to finish school, get involved in a new church, and live in the big city. She was going to get away from her life as a princess and make a new name for herself. People wouldn't have to know about her perfect family. She would be a strong independent woman that knows how to take care of herself. She would leave the friends and court jester that meant nothing to her behind, but she would keep the important people like her good friends and family members informed of how her new life was. They would all be so proud and excited that somebody had done something so great. They would speak to her in amazement. Everybody would be in shock that somebody that was so ordinary could take their lame life of living in the shadows of a small town and turn it into a fairytale ending. She would go to work everyday, travel the world when she didn't want to stay in her new home, and finally meet Prince Charming just like she always wanted to. The end. As you can see, this obviously isn't a true story, but it's my life. The only part of this that is slightly true is that it takes place in a small town and the princess (me) isn't perfect like the rest of her family. I feel like I've just been slapped in the face by my friends. I've been trying to care for a friend that's going through a hard break-up, but apparently I'm not good enough for him. He had to go talk to my ex-best friend and hear the exact same thing from her. Like I said, the princess was ordinary and wasn't as popular as her siblings. It all worked out in the end though, right? If all goes according to plan these next few years, I'll have that ending. :) Wish me luck. <3 Saved Individual

Oscar Wilde

"How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in?" That is a quote by Oscar Wilde, a British author that lived from 1856 to 1900. Yes, this quote may seem a little out dated because of how long ago it was said. However, it still rings true today. As teenagers (the age group I try to target with my writing), we experience a lot of heart breaks, pain, tears, and even "love", if you can call it that at our age. The way I see it, you're only young once so you may as well enjoy it. I am taking a ccd class to become a Catholic this spring. I want to be close to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lately, I've been learning a lot from my mistakes and trying my hardest to fix them. I've seen a close friend go through a rough break-up and it's killing me to see him suffer. :_( For a while, I lost all faith I gained while in ccd last year. It was the broken heart that brought me back and made me want to get back into my religion before things got any worse. Now, I feel like nobody is reading. Maybe it's because it's about 1 am, or maybe it's because I haven't had a comment in days. I have my friends though and maybe it's time to have them read my blog too. I guess I should go get ready for tomorrow. Maybe do some homework for school this fall. Before I go I want to post about a few little things that nobody will care about lol. It's totally random, but whatever. Saw the new Twilight movie today. Hung out with friends for hours after my driving lesson. I can't drive to save my life and the movie wasn't bad. Summer has been lame so far. Talk to me? Just let me know and we can be friends on facebook and stuff. Please comment so I know that I'm not just writing this for my benefit. <3 Saved Individual

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a small world

As you can see (if you read regularly), I just updated my page. I've had a lot of time to think about things and decided that it was time for a change. I recently started listening to the radio a little more often and found 103.9 The Fish. It's Christian music and some of it really speaks to me. Music plays a big part in my life. Listening to the music makes me miss going to church and my ccd class every Sunday. I've been hearing a lot of things lately like various traditions that go along with the Pamplona Bull Run in Spain and why people are so upset with Fifa right now. It's actually a really funny story. Not something that I would have caught on my own either lol. People are mad at Fifa because in the world cup it was Nigeria against Germany. Some smart person decided to write Nig. vs. Ger. for who was playing (of course it had to be the game with Germany lol). I totally disapprove of what happened, but it was probably just an accident. Anyways, back to The Fish. I was talking to a friend about the station when they told me about a different one called K-Love. I started listening to them too. The other day they were talking about how people can connect on their website. Two people became friends on facebook after "meeting" on the site and were friends online for two years. They decided to meet for the fourth and shockingly, didn't get killed. On the one hand, it's a really stupid idea to make friends online. However, in cases like this it really makes you think about what happened to society over the years. I was reading a book for English and read about the things we did to the Native Americans. I was shocked and very upset. No, I did not cry. Yes, I did want to. Maybe we should all be a little more open? I'm going to start by trying to be "friends" with some of the bloggers I recently started following. All of these bloggers are really talented and their thoughts should be heard. It's a great way to learn about customs and society in other countries too. I'm learning a lot about Jamaica. ;) I'm going to start working harder at learning about other countries and their customs. For example, did you know it is socially acceptable to call people fat in some parts of Mexico? It's crazy and doesn't seem right to people in America (even though most of us are). I better go take care of the new puppy. :) She's so cute. She's a British Bull Dog and she's sooo chubby. She's getting big fast. Comment away if you know anything about other countries or know a way I can learn about them. Greatly appreciated. ;) ttyl <3 Saved Individual