Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a small world

As you can see (if you read regularly), I just updated my page. I've had a lot of time to think about things and decided that it was time for a change. I recently started listening to the radio a little more often and found 103.9 The Fish. It's Christian music and some of it really speaks to me. Music plays a big part in my life. Listening to the music makes me miss going to church and my ccd class every Sunday. I've been hearing a lot of things lately like various traditions that go along with the Pamplona Bull Run in Spain and why people are so upset with Fifa right now. It's actually a really funny story. Not something that I would have caught on my own either lol. People are mad at Fifa because in the world cup it was Nigeria against Germany. Some smart person decided to write Nig. vs. Ger. for who was playing (of course it had to be the game with Germany lol). I totally disapprove of what happened, but it was probably just an accident. Anyways, back to The Fish. I was talking to a friend about the station when they told me about a different one called K-Love. I started listening to them too. The other day they were talking about how people can connect on their website. Two people became friends on facebook after "meeting" on the site and were friends online for two years. They decided to meet for the fourth and shockingly, didn't get killed. On the one hand, it's a really stupid idea to make friends online. However, in cases like this it really makes you think about what happened to society over the years. I was reading a book for English and read about the things we did to the Native Americans. I was shocked and very upset. No, I did not cry. Yes, I did want to. Maybe we should all be a little more open? I'm going to start by trying to be "friends" with some of the bloggers I recently started following. All of these bloggers are really talented and their thoughts should be heard. It's a great way to learn about customs and society in other countries too. I'm learning a lot about Jamaica. ;) I'm going to start working harder at learning about other countries and their customs. For example, did you know it is socially acceptable to call people fat in some parts of Mexico? It's crazy and doesn't seem right to people in America (even though most of us are). I better go take care of the new puppy. :) She's so cute. She's a British Bull Dog and she's sooo chubby. She's getting big fast. Comment away if you know anything about other countries or know a way I can learn about them. Greatly appreciated. ;) ttyl <3 Saved Individual

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