Thursday, October 7, 2010

1000 Things To Do Before I'm Saved

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. These thoughts aren't exactly relevant to anything I've been writing about lately, but they are giving me a new view on life. I clearly remember the plane ride home from the class trip to New York/ Washington D.C. and they happened to be playing the movie The Bucket List. These two old guys fighting about everything and wanting to do all these crazy things before they die. In the end they do it too. Really good movie if you're in a "stay home in my jammies" kind of mood one Saturday night. Anyways, in my first period ROP class I keep hearing about this trip to Costa Rica. They're our rival high school so the other ROP students and I decided to put together a trip to Spain for our school. I looked up some places to see in Spain and found a lot of cool places like Toledo. I started thinking about this trip and how I'm so excited for it. Then it clicked. What if something happens and I don't get to do all of the things I want to do before I die? I don't want to die and I'm not planning my death, funeral, will, or anything else yet. I just think it might be a good idea to have a bucket list. Like a 1000 things to do before Saved knows what it's like to be "saved" kind of thing. We're still young. We can still "do it all" and have time left over for things life throws at us. I'm starting my list right now. Here's the first ten things to do (please note that these are for high school students, not seriously focused adults): 1.) Crash an opposing high school's dance 2.) Sneak "toys" into graduation 3.) Throw a graduation party for your 10 closest friens (they each get to bring 2, they each get to bring 2, etc., etc.) 4.) Be accepted into the college of your dreams 5.) Study abroad, even if it's only for a semester 6.) Learn a valuable lessson from a stranger 7.) Have a weekend long movie marathon with your best friends 8.) Watch the sun set and rise on a school night/morning 9.) Have fun doing something you love in public (and don't care what others think) 10.) Hit on as many people as possible in one day (see how many dates you get) Have fun with these ten. I'll post another ten asap. Comment me your ideas for the list. <3 Saved Individual

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