Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things Change

I was looking back at some of my previous posts and realized that my life has changed a lot. I feel totally conflicted. I want everything to stay the same, but at the same time I want everything to change. I want to graduate, but I want to stay in high school. The more I want things to change, the more they stay the same (and vice versa). I feel like I finally turned everything around and figured it all out, but every time I figure something out I learn that there's still more to learn. I'm writing an essay for my English class. It's about the book "Handle With Care". We're supposed to write something about some moment when we finally realize what the story is supposed to be about. Kind of like a "find the hidden picture" puzzle. For those of you who haven't had the chance to read the book it's about a girl born with this rare disease where your bones break really easily. Her mother files a lawsuite saying she wishes her daughter had never been born and the person she sues just happens to be her best friend. The whole family is totally out of wack, but you can really see the love there. It's a great story. I recently wrote an essay about it, but didn't do so well. :/ Oh well! :) I'm ok with it. I still highly recommend the book to anybody willing to read. Next up, Senior year. I plan on documenting all of it. I started my senior year one week ago now. I started off with some pretty awesome classes, but after switching out of one of them, I found out that my classes are now FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!! I love it. there was a school dance last night too. It started out being pretty lame, but ended up being a great night. I'll have more to come next weekend. Lots of love, Saved Individual

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