Friday, June 11, 2010


Here, summer break has been going on for like a week now. I've decided that people have lives and would like to spend this time with family and friends, not reading some stupid blog that some person they don't know is writing. It just seems pointless to read what somebody else has to say when they could be out living their own lives. It is that very reason that I am cutting my blog entries to once a week during summer (which is actually more often than during the school year lol). Anyways, summer break is a wonderful time for anybody. Summer means no school, late nights, hanging with friends, new adventures, and just being lazy. Sometimes it means it's time to get a job, but that's only if you're old enough. I can't wait to spend this summer doing who knows what. It's going to be so fun. Hopefully I'll get a job and do a ton of homework. I've already spent the first week having late nights with friends. It's making me tired lol. I need to go to the mall more often. Apparently, they now have a hurricane machine there. $2.00 and you get like 5 minutes of 100 mph winds. It's crazy fun. The stores got some cute clothes too. SHOPPING TIME!!!!!! I should get some of my closer friends and go to the mall with them. Good quality time with the girls would be nice to have this summer. All of that sounds like a ton of fun, but I realized recently that summer is also a time of growing and learning. We as teenagers are bound to make more mistakes during summer. We LEARN from the mistakes and GROW as people. We turn into proper ladies and gentlemen found in everyday society. It's a wonderful experience as well as a challenging one. It isn't always fun, but it's a good thing in the long run. I wish everyday could be a summer day, personally. I learn more from real experiences that actually happened than I do from sitting in a classroom. I better finish up here. Another late night is about to start lol. I'll tell you guys more about that some other time. Ttyl! <3 Saved Individual

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