Sunday, June 6, 2010

I know, I know. I feel really lame about last night

I know that I promised you guys an update days ago, but things got a little crazy. I haven't even really been on the computer since then. It's all been mobile or at school, where I can't update. Anyways, school is officially out, I'm officially a junior, and the class of 2010 has officially graduated. The last week of school was crazy. It was a lot of fun though. All we really did was turn in a bunch of late work, watch movies, sign yearbooks, and "study" for our finals. Seniors had graduation practice all week long. Graduation was nice. :) I ACTUALLY got to go too. I loved it. They all walked in, they said the pledge, national anthem, and the welcome in three languages. A lady had a falcon that did not want to fly for her then when it did, it did not want to come back (yes, we are the falcons). The principal gave his little speech and it was a quick one. There was a special speaker that made a crazy speech, but it was the most fun speech to listen to. Then they had the valedictorian give her speech and all she did was pat herself on the back. The class president and the asb president gave their speeches and they were typical graduation speeches. One girl that was graduating sang the song "Best Days" with another graduate playing his guitar. It was alright, but I'm not the best person to ask since she wasn't my favorite person. After the song they called up each graduate one at a time to get their diploma covers (they don't get the real diploma until Monday). Each graduate gave our bald principle a black comb as a graduation present. It was funny. They did the turning of the tassel and everybody was all excited. After that they played the graduation slide show and had the fireworks display. We said hello to people we knew at the graduation and friends that were graduates. We came home and went to bed. Yesterday we had a graduation party for my brother and it was so much fun. The invitation said 2-6 (at which point I would have written this), but as you can see the party was a little bit longer. We spent the morning looking for swim suits and cleaning the house. Normal set up stuff. :) The first guests arrived at about 1:30. We had fun, went swimming, normal graduation party activities. My brother, the graduate, left a little early from his own party so he could go to work. :/ That was lame. The party continued and people slowly began to leave. The last guests (who happened to be the first guests to arrive) left at about 11. My aunts who helped set up left at about 11: 30 and I was exhausted so I went to bed. I know that I'm lame for not writing sooner, but after a few days like that what do you expect? We had some fun conversations at the party. You had to be there to hear it though because now they're all inside jokes lol. Got any fun graduation stories? Let me know. :) ttyl <3 Saved Individual

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