Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Junior Year

So Junior year has officially started and I'm way excited. A lot is going to happen this year and I can't wait for it to happen.  Well I left on time like I was supposed to and things went well. However, I totally got lost on my way to first (my year long, off campus class). I learned that the "Spanish 4" class I signed up for, is actually Spanish 4 AP. Nothing else is open, so I'm stuck in the class that only speaks Spanish (where I understand nothing). I got lost on my way to my real school. I ended up getting into English late though. :/ It was a fun class, but it's going to be a lot of work. Turns out that the 500+ page book that we were "required" to read over summer wasn't actually required. Tomorrow we're writing an essay on the book, but if we didn't read it we can write about any other book we read over summer. It's not getting graded, just a free ten points for writing the essay. If I don't switch out of Spanish, this means I have to take 2 AP tests this year. :( Lame! Third period I have computer applications. It shouldn't be a bad class, but definitely not my favorite. The teacher told us that we're going to do a big project towards the end of the semester that I'm really looking forward to. We're not allowed to use the computers after we finish the assignments though. It's weird, but I can easily get away with checking e-mails, doing other homework, or doing research for my project. Fourth period I have the world's best Chemistry teacher. He's a little crazy, but it'll be a fun class. He started a fire in class today. It was really scary. He did say that we'll never need our books though, so that's a load out of my backpack. I went to a job thing at McDonalds, but that didn't go so well. Oh well, maybe next time. Better go do some work for Spanish. Wish me luck there. ttyl <3 Saved Individual

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