Thursday, February 25, 2010


What makes a "true friend"? Is it somebody that you can share secrets with, somebody that you have an instantly unbreakable connection with, or just somebody that you can depend on? Why should somebody want to be friends with anybody? My mom always told me to be my own best friend. ;) I remember when I was my own best friend. That didn't go so well lol. Looking back on the hardest times in life, we see how much we've grown and changed since then. We can remember what we learned from the experiences. It's funny how day after day nothing changes, but looking back nothing is the same. This time last year, I was a quiet girl that didn't want anything to do with anybody out of fear. I didn't even really enjoy going to church. Now I'm working on a baptism class, living life to the fullest, letting things happen how they were ment to, and loving the people that gave me a chance and earned my friendship. How have you changed in just the past year? In the past five? Over the course of your life? Some people, don't have the true friends and the love that we want or deserve. We should try to fix that in all ways possible. You know the guy/girl that looks unhappy in the back of the class? They don't have that. I'm not saying that we need to fix the world or help the nerds be cool, I'm just saying that if I were the one that was upset (and I have been that person) I would want somebody to come talk to me. Not somebody that wants to know what's wrong, just somebody to be a friend. If the upset person wants to talk about it, they will. They just need the opportunity to tell A TRUE FRIEND. Let's all try to be that person today. Btw, true friends don't get walked all over and they don't walk all over other people. Have fun and good luck!

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