Friday, February 19, 2010

Questions as old as time itself

Life is full of imaginary lines. Special boundaries that we instinctively know not to cross. As humans, we know what is and is not acceptable in social situations. What about in our own private lives though? Where is the line there? Obviously the lines are still there, but they've moved. Why are there prejudice people? What is the meaning of life anyway? These are all good questions that we may never have an answer for. Today's challenge: go out and make a new friend. Don't judge them until after you get to know them as a person. Somebody that you wouldn't normally be friends with. Start something new and if you've been following a broken road, pick a new one or start your own. Maybe you could make a friend at church. I know I did. ;) Please remember to come back for more and feel free to suggest topics for blog entries. :)

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