Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to the Future

This is a movie from 1985, where this teen accidentally goes back in time and keeps his parents from meeting. There is a lot of sentimental value to the movie and a lot of life lessons for teens to learn from it. However, if that was in 1985, where is the time machine now? We're in the year 2010 and technology has come a long way since our parents were kids. Just think about it. In the year 1938, child labor laws had just been passed for America. Students haven't always been as lucky as the students of today. Not long ago, kids didn't need cell phones, televisions, ipods, or computers. Everything was sentimental. Hand written notes, phone calls instead of texting, waiting to hear your favorite song on the radio or buying a record instead of downloading it onto your computer. What happened to the personal touch of life? Why can't we still be sincere in what we say and do, without losing the technology? We are humans and we do have flaws, but I believe that we could find a way to have both. Let's try turning off all electronics for an hour, just to see what happens. Instead of texting friends, try having a conversation with somebody in your house. It doesn't have to be some big discussion. Just a little bit of time to create memories, share memories, love the family that you've been given. I feel blessed to have such wonderful technology in my life and eveybody else should too. Not everybody has internet access at home, or a cell phone to text with. Some kids still have to use the house phone and do things that don't require technology. Answere me this: who is stronger when it comes to religion? Those who have everything that they could ever want, or those who are barely getting by? The correct answer is those just getting through this life. The people that seem to have it all really don't. They chase after material things because they have a God shaped hole in their heart and don't know how to fill it. Those that are trying to get through this economic downfall, they trust that the Lord will help them get through it unharmed and have filled the hole. Which will you chose today? Technology or family? Are you barely getting through or are you chasing material things? Think about this today and everyday. On Saturday I went to a church retreat for my ccd class and there was a lecture on gangs. We learned that you can do wrong now, but it's never too late to change. Let's be the people we want to be today, so that if tomorrow doesn't come we can say that we were true to what we believe and who we are. Good luck in whoever you choose to be and all that you do. You know what  the right thing to do for you is.

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