Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short and sweet

This phrase could mean anything when used in the right context. It can describe a person, it could describe an article, it can even describe an action done in the heat of the moment. Today it is describing me and the blog post of today. I'm giving blood in about thirty minutes, so I have to be fast. Just had a venti cafe mocha, so I'm ready to go and up for anything today. Just thinking about things to do in the future, you realize how slowly time goes. Some days we might not appreciate it, but one day we'll look back and want it to slow down even more. Life is short, life is beautiful, live like we're dying. Tomorrow isn't garunteed for anybody. Music seems really important today. We're all different in our music preferences. My personal favorites are things such as All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, Brokencyde, Hyper Crush, The Brand New, and N.E.R.D. There are a lot more, but too many to name them all. Check out some of their songs. Sports play a big part in high school life. A lot of social events happen because of sports events. It's really lame that not all sports get the same funding. Why should cheerleaders and football players get more funding than the track team or softball? It's not fair to those athletes. All sports have the same work to do, they just do them in different ways. It's hard work and we should get the same amount of money. We should try to change it. Anyway, I'm now late for giving blood because of this and taking notes for keyboarding. Leave comments if you have any advice on how to change the funding. Thanks! Try to be a superstar today. Help heal the world. ;)

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