Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long weekend

I usually don't write about weekends, but this weekend was... special. The term long varies in meaning. It can mean an extended weekend (three day weekends and such) or it can mean it just passed by slowly. In this case, it was just slow. Friday I had school and track practice. I was out really early and slept all through the night. Saturday, I got up at 7, was at church by 9, and didn't get home until a little after 4. I was back at church by 5 and didn't get home until about 6:15. My little sister had a friend spend the night and my friend came over a little later at about 8:30. We had fun for a while, but eventually everybody had to leave or go to sleep. My friend called to ask about our ccd class this morning, so I had to get up at about 7 even though class was cancled. Fell back asleep a few times, and was still tired. I went driving at noon and got yelled at for having fun with it. :/ Got home at 2 and saw the new Alice in Wonderland at 3. It wasn't the best movie, but it wasn't horrible either. Talked to my aunt for a while and we watched the new Hannah Montanna. It feels really late and I'm exhausted. Excited for the new week. Every day is a new day and we all have to keep moving forward. Try to be the best you that you can be. It's the best look for you. ;)

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