Thursday, May 6, 2010

Career Options

So I've been thinking a lot lately. Mainly about how my life is turning out and where I'm heading. One thing that has come up the most is friendship. Has anybody ever noticed that the word "end" is in the word "friend"? NOT COOL!!!! Just realizing that a lot of my friendships are getting messed up lately. Oh well, back to my future. We did the career searching thing at school a while back and they gave me some crazy options like "sociologist" and "abuse/crisis counselor". They gave me a few good ones like "teacher" and "Marketing Specialist". I actually got "clergy" as one career that I would be well suited for. Obviously I went through the "When I grow up I want to be a..." phase many times. We've gone through princess, teacher, artist, president, photographer, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, director, writer, poet, musician, actress, singer, etc. Yeah, I've done a lot of thinking. Most recently I've been thinking about becoming a Marketing Specialist. It's kind of like the person that makes the advertisements for different companies. I really want to do that, but I'm not sure. With all of the drama that's been going on with high school I'm thinking about  going back to becoming a writer or poet. I have the experiences to write about. It'll be fun to look back in ten years and say "Remember the time that we...?" or "I remember the time that...". It'll be fun either way. If you hear about any other career choices that I would be qualified for let me know.

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