Monday, May 10, 2010

If you're Over Us, Lie Until the End of Time

I'm really sick of all this stupid high school stuff. I know that some adults think that we're just stupid kids that freak over EVERYTHING, but that's not always the case. This time it kind of is, but I'm sick of all the lies, drama, and heartache. Yesterday, I found out that a girl was talking bad about my best friend (Yes, I did hear her saying it. It's not just "he said she said" stuff). Obviously I stood up for him. Today when I told him that he might want to stay away from her because of what happened (just saying "I think it would be in your best interest if you stayed away from her" kind of thing, not the drama starting "oh she said... about you”) all I got from him was a lame, automatic response and then the silent treatment. For what, I'm not sure and in all honesty, I don't really care anymore. Whatever happened to "High School: The Best Four Years of Your Life"? High school's almost half over for me and I'm really doubting that this will be what I look back on saying, "Man, I wish I could go back to the time that my friends and I...” To tell the truth, it'll probably be something more like, "You know, I remember the time that my friends and I... Oh wait; I didn't do anything with them because they weren't really my friends.” I've gone to a few dances, I've watched a football game or two with "friends", and I've even considered doing some stupid stuff because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Now that it's clear who my real friends are and where the rumors about me are coming from, I know what I've done with my life and where I'm heading. They say that there is an end in friend, an over in lover, a lie in believe, an us in trust, and an if in life. I beLIEve that in lIFe an ex lOVER can not be trUSted to be a friEND. That's not true, but you see where I'm going with this. That's what high school is about. It's making mistakes, having fun, learning things the hard way, and creating memories and stories that you'll look back on with a smile because that's what made you who you are today. In my case, however, is it really worth it? I think that maybe I would be better off at a different school. I would even consider home schooling. Yes, it means missing prom, Wood leaf counseling, and graduation, as well as football games, friends, etc. Would that be better for me than staying here and being miserable because my "friends" are starting drama? It's hard to say, but I'm thinking it might be. I guess I'll just have to take life as it comes and hope for the best.

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